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I like Monorails. Technically, I really love monorails. The gentle purr of the engine as it slowly turns a corner on the beam. The smiling children who wave to the pilot as the monorail pulls up to the station. There is nothing better when it comes to transportation.

The Cheshunt Railway made history as it was the world's first passenger-carrying monorail over 100 years ago. Today,  kids from 1 to 99 love learning about this amazing transportation. It's a dream of many kids to be a monorail pilot. And why not? It's a great way to spend the day.

This website is the only website highlighting monorails uniquely built for KIDS to learn more about monorails (it's OK if the adults enjoy it too.) A comprehensive lesson plan, a book series, fun games and activities along with great information is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more. Oh, and did we mention school programs - both digital and in person - about monorails? Well, we have that too. 

Take a peek around the site, download our fun (and easy to use) worksheet PDFs and get involved by making your own monorail and start driving an honorary monorail pilot's license. 

Of course, if you need anything further, contact me. I'd love to hear from you!




Creative, professional speaker, published author

Jodi Jill has always been extraordinarily curious about monorails. Her journeys in life has offered her a first hand look at how monorails look, drive and work. Having a keen interest in monorails  she wanted to share her knowledge with others.

When not chasing down a monorail, you can find Jodi pursuing her other dreams. She is a published author with over two dozen books, has written a syndicated column for over 15 years and is a professional speaker sharing her knowledge in over 150 presentations over the past few years. She is strong supporter of literacy and the anti-bullying moment.