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Teachers join the digital discussion of Monorails! We offer talks about this amazing transportation using the best of technology! As of this writing, we've talked to over 10,000 kids about monorails in the last year! How? by setting up digital school talks using Skype, FaceTime and other enhanced methods of live video! Using our lesson plans and books to explore the world of monorails, the guest speaker finalizes your lesson by offering a unique perspective of how monorails are part of our world. It's a perfect solution for classes around the world!


If you are looking for a digital class opportunity, drop us a note on our contact page. Or check out availability on our calendar. We offer guest speaking several days a week and accommodate large and small group sizes and age ranges. If you don't see a date that works (or are looking into the future) please get in touch!

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Get your monorail pilot's license here and drive in the sky!

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Find out the latest details on these cool trains here!

Monorail Books

Want to read all about monorail pilots? Check out our book series!