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MARCH 24, 2020 – Looking for interesting resources highlighting some of the world's most unique inventions of our world? If you are interested in one fascinating part of life - monorails, you need to see our student, classroom and Homeschooling resources highlighting this amazing transportation!


Welcome to the World of Monorails ( A new, one-of-a-kind digital site highlighting this world-wide transportation accompanied by an educational program sharing how monorails work! This cool site is a great way to introduce your family, friends and vacation goers to this fun public transportation! 


Please stand clear of the closing doors…. The Monorail is about depart.  


Did you know there are remarkable monorails found in America? These are great for families to enjoy and even learn a little about this amazing transportation. The Seattle Monorail, Las Vegas Monorail, Disney World Monorail, Wild Asia Monorail at the Bronx Zoo and the Herseypark Monorail. There is something very special about a monorail ride during a vacation. 

When is the last time you saw a monorail? Effortlessly gliding above the earth, monorail passengers wave as they. This amazing machine has people (of all ages) gawking as this unique public transportation slithers along the beam.  


The World of Monorails includes: 

  • A FREE Template to Make Your Own Monorail (a Student Favorite!) 

  • Cool Monorail Pilot’s License for Kids of All Ages. 

  • Teacher Classroom Worksheets Plans. 

  • Monorail Bingo (Who Wants to Play?) 

  • Videos of Monorails and a chance to hear a monorail horn! 

  • And MORE… 


All the materials highlighted on our website are FREE!  

Please check out World of Monorails online at Fun activities, including the template to make a Monorail is waiting for you to download! 

News Media: Considering a Monorail story? Check out the FREE Monorail PDFs as a draw for your readers. People love riding on the monorails and with 60 monorail systems around the world, it's possible your readers have an enjoyable memory of this transportation!! This unique aspect of vacations is a great way to highlight some of the best summer hotspots to take the family. Questions? Call us today! 323.350.9862 Or email us at