How do Monorails have Outside Ads? Monorail Wraps

Have you seen Monorail Wraps? The large designs or ads colorfully decorated on the outside of monorails? The Monorails in Las Vegas sometimes have huge dice on the sides. Monorails at Disney World offer Pixar and Disney characters celebrating new movies. It's a form of advertising, but it's also quite cool as the process isn't simple.

monorail wraps

There is a lot of planning to design monorail wraps to make a visual impression. Typically called a "monorail wrap" a group of designers, creators and monorail individuals come together to decide on the image and what the message might be. If you think about it, the concept of what to put on a monorail is a lot like an advertisement seen in a magazine. It needs to be well thought out. However, instead of a flat photo or layout of an ad, the monorail needs to be able to portray the idea in a multi-dimensional concept as it's not a flat surface. Plus all the images need to be huge so it is seen at a distance. Then there is the idea that the locations of all the images needs to be perfect as wrapping a monorail needs to avoid certain places (like the creases of the doors and cowling) as it would be hard to see. Once all the details are worked out, then the work of putting it on the monorail begins.

Taking a peek at the YouTube videos with monorail wraps that have images highlighting ads and characters, you quickly notice the oversize images are on the outside and seem to stick onto the machine. The special vinyl has a sticker quality that makes it firm and resistant to all weather. The images are printed on the vinyl, typically hand cut and then the job of placing the big pieces on the monorail starts. Professionals typically take hours getting the perfect look as the vinyl is placed, adjusted and firmly pressed to secure to the monorail. The designed wrap needs to be part of the monorail for a while, so most are left on the monorail for four or more months.

Making monorail wraps perfect and able to see from miles away isn't easy. It takes a lot of planning with designers and creators coming together to enlarge images so it can be seen from a distance. Monorails aren't the only form of public transportation that offer up visual experiences for passengers. In cities like Los Angeles and New York City, when you take the bus or subway, you might see enjoy buses wrapped for an ad. Or a subway car decorated to celebrate an event, movie or any number of products. However, I admit, I'm more impressed with monorail wraps as they are pretty impressive!!!!