Las Vegas Monorail Map: Vacation to Enjoy a Fun Ride

There is something cool about a monorail. If you are looking for an interesting way to ride a monorail go to Las Vegas to check out this public transportation. The Las Vegas Monorail have an idea to map your stops and it's fun to ride. Definitely consider this public transportation. The one-of-a-kind monorail gives guests the chance to ride from one location to another in Las Vegas. In fact, it's the only monorail in Nevada and guests love it!

People who use this service realize the Las Vegas Monorail is part of the elaborate public transportation system. In addition to buses, limos and even ride share options, people can buy a Las Vegas monorail ticket to ride one way or spend the day cruising around the city with a pass.

The cool thing about the Las Vegas monorail is how far you can see out the window riding the beam. Looking out both sides, you can see the lights of the city, but there is beauty beyond the city as the mountains seem to glow. Plus it's perfect to use after hitting up those amazing buffets and you can barely get home walking (who needs to walk with a monorail close by?)

Starting on the south end of the Sin City, you can board the Las Vegas Monorail at the MGM Grand. From there you can ride north and check out The Strip as you look out the west side of the monorail. The uniqueness of the ride will offer you a peek at the world's tallest observation wheel (which definitely is hard to miss!) Continuing north you will end your journey at the Sahara Station where you can enjoy checking out the area including taking a look at the Stratosphere!

Stepping off the train, you will also get the chance to see some of the most contemporary monorail stations in the world. With easy traffic flow, you can get to your destination without much worry. It's accessible to everyone, including folks who use motorized equipment to enjoy their journey.

Open year round, if you are looking to experience a monorail without the rush found at other locations, consider the Las Vegas Monorail experience and check out the map. While the beam is primarily flat, the ride is quite exciting and worthy of a family excursion. Plus, if you are looking for great buffets for dinner, they are almost at every stop only a short walking distance away!