Monorail Cat GIFs: Funny Kitty Memes Make Us Laugh

Ever hear of Monorail Cat GIFs? These aren't exactly images of cats driving monorails. Or of kitties going to work on this amazing transportation. Instead the Monorail Cat GIFs share a cute look at how they sometimes can mimic a monorail.

Monorail Cat GIFs popular on Social Media

You don't have to love monorails to see these funny GIFs on Twitter or Instagram. Actually, this type of social media GIF is found on accounts who love cats, people who make the comparison of cats and monorails and anyone else who loves to check out the images for a good laugh. There are different GIFs shared online. Some of the GIFs show the cat showing up on a beam loading passengers and others show a cat straddling a fence or cruising around on a cat bed, just like a monorail train drives on a beam.

Here is one of the popular GIFs seen online sharing the cat going from station to station as seen in the countryside. It's very funny and definitely perfect for showing the idea behind the monorail cat.

Popular Monorail GIFs: Monorail Cat and The Simpsons Monorail Song

When it comes to GIFs surrounding monorails, there are two different themes that are referenced online often. The first is the Monorail Cat (and who doesn't love these GIFs). It's cute, charming and just bizarre enough to appreciate. The other monorail GIF seen often is the funny Simpsons monorail episode clips. Depending on the message, there are several to share, but all of them are very distinctive and very monorail!

Monorail GIFs are Forever Fun

Obviously there are a plenty of monorail GIFs. Hopefully, someday there will be other cute and cool GIFs that are just as popular as the two above. Until then, monorail enthusiasts can enjoy these moments of time and share as needed (which is early and often of course). So next time you think about Monorail cat GIFs, consider how these two entities come together for a funny meme that is forever fun!

Monorail cat GIFs are very popular