Monorail Speed: How Fast Can a Monorail Go?

When cruising on a Monorail, be it in India or Orlando, you might find yourself wondering how fast can a monorail go? The speed of the machines, since there is no traffic, all depends on the beams.

Monorail Speed

And why does the monorail speed matter depending on the beams? Well, the placement of the concrete tracks (or connection apparatus) and how fast it goes is pretty much based on physics which is one subject we are all taught in school.

Consider this when thinking about how fast a monorail can go. If you are running very fast on a track, you can move quickly if you are running in a straight line. However, if the line you are running is curved, you have to slow down to make the curve. The same is true with how a monorail works.

A monorail driving in a straight line can go 40 to 50 miles an hour. The monorail speed typically is posted so monorail pilots don't forget how fast or slow they are allowed to go. Some monorails in Asia go even faster, if, they are moving on a monorail beam that is a straight line, has no stops for passengers and don't need to worry about restrictions.

When turning a corner or driving a monorail on a beam that is curved, the monorail speed is significantly lower. Passengers will notice the monorail could go anywhere from 5 to 25 miles per hour for safety. It all depends on how fast the monorail pilots decide to drive the machine.

There are times when the monorail speed needs to be even slower. Coming in and out of a monorail station, a monorail pilot will need to "crawl" into a station going less than 9 miles per hour. There are people very close to the monorail and crawling into a station is a safe way to stop the machine, very quickly, if needed.

Another place the monorail must drive slowly is over monorail switches. A switch location is where, on the beam, a monorail can move from one beam to another. These beams - or big pieces of concrete move to connect one beam to another and allow the monorail to cross over. A switch is one of the few places a monorail pilot needs to be alert as it can damage the monorail if it goes across it too quickly.

If you want to know the particular monorail speed of a machine around the world and can't find it, check out YouTube. Many of the videos online show the machines in action and you can see the signs out the windows showing exactly how fast the monorails are allowed to go!