The Simpsons Monorail Song: Who Doesn't Hum Along?

The Simpsons Monorail Song might be one of those social iconic moments that carries on forever. It's found in the episode Marge vs. the Monorail seen on FOX. If you ride the Seattle Monorail or even the Disney World Monorail, you will find at least one passenger humming this tune. Or better yet, sharing it with others by playing it on their handheld device for the entire cab to enjoy. That's right, The Simpsons Monorail Song is that well known!

The Salesman of The Simpsons Monorail Song knows how to sell

Watching the entire episode of this FOX cartoon sitcom, the realization that the salesman, Lyle Lanley, isn't entirely being honest is revealed. Yet before that happens, this iconic song gives everyone a reason to sing a tune. The Simpson Monorail song shares how excited communities and people get about this public transportation. Then the residents of Springfield want to have a monorail of their own. Later on in the episode, we all see how badly this new monorail does for the community, but before then everyone get swept up in the excitement!

What is the best moment of The Simpsons Monorail Song?

Asking around, there might be different opinions of the best moment, but one that sticks with everyone is when the salesman rips off the sheet and shows off his artistic views for how the monorail system could look like. Riding around the city, the residents could see about all of the area and even avoid downtown!

Why is The Simpsons Monorail Song so catchy?

The best part of this little, barely two-minute jingle might not be that it's all sung out loud, but more spoken with a good beat. The catchy part of The Simpsons Monorail Song has to be the rhyming of the words. And then when Homer makes the mistake of being off with his line, well it offers up a good chuckle.